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Art Log

(posted on 1 Jan 2024)

Dear Patrons,

At this time I'm wishing you all the best of good health, prosperity, and peace in your lives.  

And on that note of something new, it's time for a refresh at Picture This! Gallery in Penticton so I've climbed the ladder to take one last look before packing these and bringing them in.  

Top left, Blue and Orange (teapot); Top right Apples on a Draped Cloth (Pink Lady variety)  and bottom, 'Captivating', a large blooming peony accompanied by its bud. All are priced on my website.

The Pink Lady is an exceptionally pretty apple with hues that range from pink, of course, to warm light reds through to dark crimson accented with yellow. I bought these from the local orchardist from his back shed where the wild cats roam. I loved the way the colours reflected onto the cloth and decided to paint it in an even more exaggerated way for the drama. Enjoy!

To visit and see them on the wall head to 133 Westminster Avenue in Penticton Tuesday to Saturday.  Call ahead.

Let me know what you think please. For questions, please contact me

Carollyne Sinclaire