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You're invited!  Please save the date for the Awards Presentation on March 2nd at 1 p.m. at The ART Gallery Osoyoos.  The show runs until March 23rd, not the 24th as the poster states.  The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 3 p.m.

I have 2 paintings in the juried show, a large peony for my blossom lovers and collectors, and a stainless steel teapot with fruit.  I'd love to hear your feedback. 


(posted on 14 Jan 2024)

Hello, Patrons!

While I love the look of a wintery day I do prefer to be home in the studio surrounded by canvases, paints and brushes.  Here's a couple of my latest paintings from my home comforts series.

Pink Lemonade

A stainless steel citrus juicer meets up with a couple of fresh lemons and together they hatch a plan to make pink lemonade. But where will they get the grenadine? Be on the lookout!

Oil on exhibition canvas, 9 X 12 X 1.5" No need to frame as the sides are painted with pink checks. $325.00 Shipping extra.


If you're a foodie and you eat with your eyes like I do, you may recognize these gizmos. Egg poachers and fried eggs rings lead to perfect eggs. 'Poached or Fried?' is the title.

9 X 12 X 1.5" oil on canvas. No need to frame as the sides are painted with the same checks.$325.00 Shipping extra.

Shipping extra. Contact me for enquiries. Stay cozy!




(posted on 1 Jan 2024)

Dear Patrons,

At this time I'm wishing you all the best of good health, prosperity, and peace in your lives.  

And on that note of something new, it's time for a refresh at Picture This! Gallery in Penticton so I've climbed the ladder to take one last look before packing these and bringing them in.  

Top left, Blue and Orange (teapot); Top right Apples on a Draped Cloth (Pink Lady variety)  and bottom, 'Captivating', a large blooming peony accompanied by its bud. All are priced on my website.

The Pink Lady is an exceptionally pretty apple with hues that range from pink, of course, to warm light reds through to dark crimson accented with yellow. I bought these from the local orchardist from his back shed where the wild cats roam. I loved the way the colours reflected onto the cloth and decided to paint it in an even more exaggerated way for the drama. Enjoy!

To visit and see them on the wall head to 133 Westminster Avenue in Penticton Tuesday to Saturday.  Call ahead.

Let me know what you think please. For questions, please contact me

Carollyne Sinclaire

(posted on 19 Dec 2023)

'Blue and Orange', depicts a teapot with the reflection of an orange, inspired by a daily afternoon habit of mine, to sit down with a pot of tea in the afternoon when the painting or the demands of the day are over and enjoy a cup. No distractions, not too many thoughts, just quiet time. I'm hoping you have a special

time in your day to let everything settle into place without any demands.


12" X 9" in a soft white frame, ready to hang. $325.00 Shipping extra. Contact me on the 'Contact' button for queries.

(posted on 13 Dec 2023)

Anticipation for an event is half the fun.  This little painting sized 12 X 9" oil on canvas shows a small vignette of Christmas ornaments with reflections of the heart and the striped cloth displayed in the metal shoe.  

Thank you all for your patronage this year.  Wishing you the very best of the holiday season and a warm and cozy time with friends and family.


(posted on 8 Nov 2023)

I can never stay away from the flowers too long--this one called me back to the easel to create it in lush oils.

At Art Walk in Penticton in November I will paint on the highlights  but it's very close to being a finished piece.  Here's a glimpse behind the scenes of my process.  The colour swatches I make ahead of time give me an accurate start to mix my paints; the little postcard is an image from J.E.H. MacDonald's The Tangled Garden, the feeling of which I hoped to capture in this painting and the source photo which I took 2 summers ago at Gayle Cornish's home up Mt. Kobe.Below are photos of the process at different stages.

Petal by petal, leaf by leaf after an accurate drawing I build the flower image.

As you can see the colours can appear different, this one more bluish, from photo to photo.

Penticton's Annual Fall Art Walk will take place on November 18th.  Here's a tip for you as parking can be tight:  park behind Penticton's Town Hall or in the movie parking lot.  Over 20 different venues will be open for viewing, chatting with artists and treats in many.


(posted on 13 Aug 2023)

Are you having a busy summer?  It's busy at my studio, too with preparing for shows (ticketing, stickers, lists, floats, set-ups and hauling to markets, but I must say it's a lot of fun and I do enjoy talking with the public.  

Here's the unveiling from my studio with subjects I've wanted to paint for years figuring prominently.

I cannot for a moment claim to be responsible for the care and keeping of any plants. Those days are over. But I do have the pleasure of witnessing the blooming of my neighbour's beautiful cacti blossoms which, with their translucent petals and vibrant hues thrill me with the each successive unfurling of their flowers. Are you surprised that we have can grow outdoor cactus in Western Canada? We are located 20 minutes north of Canada's only desert and it's hot in summer. 46C or 117F a couple of weeks ago.

From the top: Sharing the Stage, left Hot Pink Cactus Bloom, bottom Rose Among Thorns. Acrylic on cradle board prepared to the highest standard, each priced at $175

'Rose Among Thorns' Oooh, those prickly, stabbing thorns do a good job of protecting their delicate cactus blooms. This one seems to undulate, capturing all the colours about it.

Acrylic 8 X 10 X 1.5" on cradle board prepared to the highest standards. With its deep, painted sides there is no need to frame unless you desire.

'Hot Pink Cactus Bloom' Some years ago Peter and I spent two months in San Miguel de Allende where we both attended art classes with Juan Zaragoza, a master painter and teacher. While I did not paint cactus with him, I admire his huge mural sized cactus flowers and the small ones. 

'Sharing the Stage' This dramatic cactus bloom shares its stage with many buds ( each red mark to be a bloom someday as well as the cluster to the right). My neighbour takes the credit--I do not even have a potted plant--so that each year in late spring these cacti bloom in succession, thrilling me with their radiant colours. 8 X 10 X 1.5" acrylic on deep cradle board prepared to the highest standards.


I can just guess what you're saying to yourself. Why are you painting ice cream? It's summer. I love ice cream for its cold, firm, luscious mouth feel and what's not to love about chocolate . . . or truffles? And it's always fun. Furthermore there's a long tradition of painting food in the arts.  Painting this much detail is  an exacting, time consuming pursuit.

Acrylic on 12 X 16 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standards. Framed in a light, natural wood. If you have a favourite flavour you'd like me to paint for you, contact me through 'Contact' on this page.


To learn about new works and events please subscribe to my newsletter. I do not pester, sending a newsletter out every month or 6 weeks.



(posted on 16 Jun 2023)

Two of my paintings sold last week at Picture This! Penticton: A La Cozy Motel and Evening's Veil Descends, the purply sunset image.  I am most grateful to Peggy, the gallery owner and the buyers.  

I didn't have a chance to tell you about my painting of the A la Cozy Motel in Coulee, Washington.  When we were kids our holidays consisted of road trips.  My father loved visiting dams and, because of that, visits to dams were always part of the adventures.  Let's talk turbines someday . . .  Returning from a road trip up the historic highway through California we passed by the A la Cozy Motel and I stopped to take a photo of this charming neon sign.

The sold paintings have been replaced with complementary paintings which will soon be posted.


This summer I will be showing and selling in a couple of markets, the first at Grizzli Winery in West Kelowna on July 1st from 11 to 3 where I have an indoor spot.  Grizzli Winery is a stunning place, and along with the artists' work on display inside and out, really worth a visit.


On July 15th I will be in Penticton at the FCA SOS Art in the Park event at Gyro Park along with other artists.  The event starts early at 8 and carries on until 3, to coincide with the street market.  Here's a hint:  park in the movie theatre parking lot and walk up.  Please come and say hello--I'll be in a tent!


Have a joyous summer.

(posted on 24 Apr 2023)

I heard it said once that a story is made by both reader and author with each creating a bridge to the other through the text.  Each of these skyscapes has its own story but you may apply your own to the image you see.  

'Blushing', the first of the three was inspired by awakening early to these luminous peach and purple clouds ascending over the lake just after dawn.  Mornings alone always reveal treasures otherwise hidden. 'Blushing' is painted in rich oils, on 20 X 20 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standards and framed in a fresh painted white wood frame. $900 including the spanking white contemporary frame.

'Featherbed', a painting of soft, cumulus clouds is painted in oils on 12 X 12 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standard and framed with a rich black frame. $350 including the frame.

'Evening's Curtain Falls' displays a sunset scene.  Oil on 10 X 20 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standard. $400.

Shipping extra with each item.  Shipping costs are reduced with multiple purchases.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



I'm letting you know early that March 25th is the big day for the Art Walk in Penticton when artists will be in the galleries which represent them.  In the meantime, write the day down in your calendar.  PS  Prepare to park a few blocks away.  Maps are available at most galleries.

I will be at Picture This! from 11:45 to 1 p.m. that day and I hope to see you there!




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