Carollyne Sinclaire Artist
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow

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Your paintings come from beautiful sources and reflect so much spirit and heart. Lovely paintings from a truly wonderful artist! Thank you for all of the light that shines from you!
Mike Dettman - 21 Apr 2022
Truly inspiring work Carollyne. Diversity of subject matter with truly excellent brushwork and palette. This is joyful work which lifts the spirit!
Kathryn Gibson - 5 May 2020
lOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! They look good enough to eat, my friend, you are on a roll! I would love to see you have your own booth in Artwalk one of these years! C
Colleen J Dyson - 18 Aug 2019
I just love your work, my friend! You paint from your heart and it definitely shows. I can't wait to see more of your work in person!
Colleen J Dyson - 2 Jul 2019
Carollyne, the diversity of your paintings astounds me. Being an animal person, I especially love your animal paintings, especially the one of the Standard poodle, Farley. But honestly, you make an apple come alive and have personality. And your Honey Bears, I think they will march off your canvas and on to the breakfast table!
Paddy Head - 9 Jun 2019
Congratulation to my well deserved friend and artist on the second place award for her painting September Sunflower now showing at the Art Gallery Osoyoos
Jocelyne Lamontagne - 9 Mar 2019
Carollyne. Beautiful artwork here. Website looks great. Best wishes.
Mavis Gormally - 6 Jul 2018
Amazing talent Carollyne ! Hope all is well in your world !
Marilyn Laughlin - 20 Nov 2017
I really like your painting of the Cuban rooster! A very interesting perspective with the light bouncing in from the back left. Well done!
Eileen Hopkins - 19 Nov 2017
The Yellow Canoe is one of my favourite paintings so far! The story it emits is so enthralling and so different for each viewer. When sitting in the Osoyoos gallery so many commented and so many shared "their" story. That is art from the heart!
Eileen Hopkins - 10 Oct 2017
I am loving the vine shadows on your tomato pictures - especially on the two recent landscape pic's. The positioning (arc/diagonal) is brilliantly simple! These make me smile (and make my mouth water!)
Eileen Hopkins - 10 Oct 2017
Congratulation on your participation to Art on the Vines show Bonne Chance mon amie J
Jocelyne Lamontagne - 14 Jul 2017
Love the creative approach to the tomatoes on the vine. You can make shadows look so interesting! Great website.
Eileen Hopkins - 13 Jul 2017
I enjoyed your work so much.
Margo - 12 Jul 2017
Keep going, Carollyne! Love the Farley portrait; always makes me smile. And the recent desert painting is lovely. Nice way to spend this cold winter, creating art.
Julie Turner - 27 Feb 2017
Congrats on the new web sight, no problem finding it. Love your work and look forward to the next one. God Bless you.
Peter Hastings - 27 Aug 2016
Love your bold colours Glad you are a neighbour
Bobbie - 13 Mar 2016
Love your work Carollyne..hope to see you at the show..
Fay Babich - 21 Feb 2016
Wow, Carollyne, you are prolific! Your paintings are truly lovely. "YOU GO, GIRL!"
Val Bjork - 9 Feb 2016
You know how much I love your work, but I didn't see any familiar shoes there. Please. Carry on girl. It's all good!
Carol Loiselle - 30 Jan 2016
Wonderful job, Carollyne! So proud of you for taking your artwork further and sharing it with us all! Loved revisiting some of these paintings here. You can also include the Sammy painting you created for us; we would be honoured.
Julie Turner - 30 Jan 2016
You are amazing Carollyne. The cars brought back memories and I loved the ones of the ladies and Peter.
Jan Blackie - 30 Jan 2016
Felicitations mon amie, tu es une artiste tres accomplice. Love it all!
Jocelyne Lamontagne - 29 Jan 2016
Congratulations on your big launch! The fruit paintings look good enough to eat! I did not realize how much art has been a part of your life! So excited for you!!
Eileen Hopkins - 29 Jan 2016
Ohhhh Carollyne, they are beautiful. I especially love the golden gourds on the yellow background. It seems as if they have a secret light all their own. I'm very impressed.
Krystyna Niziolek - 29 Jan 2016
I had no idea you were such a talented artist! Beautiful work Carollyne. I love the detail in your paintings.
Carolyn Ellis - 29 Jan 2016
Very Nice ! Look forward to seeing more...Love the Website
Tracy Doucette - 29 Jan 2016
Congratulations, Carollyne! I look forward to your Opening at Jo-Jo's. It's on my calendar - now if I can only remember to check my calendar.:) Love the website Sue Whittaker
Sue Whittaker - 29 Jan 2016
Very impressive site. What a diverse artist you are Carollyne! You shoes have so much personality. Amazing.
peter scott - 29 Jan 2016
Very nice Carollyne. Love the VW vans and cars, brings back memories!!
Dianne Hughes - 29 Jan 2016
Carollyne: you have done yourself proud! I love your website.
Lee Simmons - 29 Jan 2016
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